Worth Valued Beauty Products Every Women Must Have In their Vanity

The feeling of happiness and fun while adding luxurious beauty products into the shopping cart can’t be expressed in words.  But this makes us the victims of spending too much amount on the cosmetics that we don’t even need. Beauty companies trap us by quoting attractive lines on the bottles and we just shop them. Then we get to know that every tag and line isn’t always true which breaks our heart.

Let’s be optimistic! We talk about the beauty products that not only fulfill their undertaking but are worth splurging too. Check out a few tested and tried makeup products on which you should spend to look gorgeous.


Think beyond the boundaries when you have to cleanse your skin. For smooth and glamorous skin we suggest you to use MEIKING Collagen Essence Moisturizer that adds latest technology to destroy the impurities, anti-wrinkle and tighten your skin. Ginseng Root Extract and elastin are the basic ingredients that absorb into the skin and give you an even tone skin. You’ll notice the effect of this product within few weeks only if you use it regularly.

Hair Styling Tools


A prefect hair style doubles the beauty of supermodels. You can also be a top model if you use high technology hair styling accessories like curler, straightener, dryer and rollers etc. All these tools require one time investment unlike a shampoo and conditioner that have to be drained. So, invest wisely and openly on these items as they affect your hair and style too.

Take care that irons and curlers shouldn’t have metal bars as they destroy hair at the root level. Instead use ceramic plates based temperature tools for which we recommend Hair Curler Flat Iron Ceramic Plates Wet Dry or 3 Barrels Hair Curler Automatic Ceramic Curlers. These items are less damaging, reduce fizziness and settles rough look.

When we talk about dryers, then new chic’s Handy Hair Dryer is the best which saves your hair and scalp from extreme heat and prevents hair loss. It also has the ability to dry your hair in very short time period.

Makeup Applicators

You can never hand on with eye shadow or blusher without the applicators. But it’s necessary to have high quality brushes that can truly smudge your makeup. We must consider that makeup brushes are the habitat of bacteria that react with the skin pores when you apply cosmetic items on your face. Try 18Pcs Facial Makeup Brushes Kit that is available at SammyDress.com. This brush set can act as an insulator for the skin bacteria and dust particles which prevent you from acne and clogged pores. Also look for Multifunctional Makeup Powder Blenders which is latest item and can be used to smoothly blend your foundation and powder and give you a gorgeous look.


To give your makeup a finished and smooth look, foundation acts as a primary agent. Today, every new day, a new company is launching foundations, bases and mousses but a good quality foundation and concealer is hard to find that matches with your skin tone too. To have a flawless skin, a high-end foundation and concealers are worth top splurge. Apply Waterproof Face Base Cream Concealer Smoothing Primer Pore Wrinkle Cover Foundation which leaves your skin smooth and sweat free. You may also try Round Portable Mineral Foundation Powder for casual and everyday use.


Applying mask on your face is as essential as washing your face. Night time masks and charcoal masks are the best that nullify the negative effects. There are a lot of masks that can cure your skin like Black Mask, Blackhead Removal Peel Off Mask, Lucky fine Gold Collagen Peel Off Face Care Mask that is best among all anti-aging whitening wrinkle lifting products.

Essential Oils

There are several therapeutic benefits of essential oils including mental boost, massage & spa, natural remedies and aromatherapies. They have relaxing and recovery characteristics that maintain a human body. Many online stores have collected various essential oils like Juniperberry Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Cinnamon Oil, Grade Pure Rose Oil, and many more.  Splurge for these oils and apply them regularly to get a glowing and flawless skin.