Useful Car Gadgets That Are Helpful While Traveling

When you plan a road trip there are some necessary gadgets that one must have to stay in contact with the world and gadgets that can help you be safe while you are at a place not familiar to anyone.

There are a number of gadgets in the market today that can help you be better prepared for whatever the road throws at you. You should be ready for any unexpected occurrences and these are the gadgets you must have in your car while traveling.

Key Finder

The most important thing you must have is a key finder. Keeping a tile mate Bluetooth tracker on your keychain can help ensure you always know where your car keys are located. You don’t want to lose your key at a place you aren`t familiar with? This small device can save you. All you need to do is attach the tile to your key and whenever you misplace it, you can use the tile app to locate your keys. Moreover the app keeps a track of your history like the last place it paired with your smartphone.

Smartphone mount makes navigation less stressful. You don’t need to look down constantly for directions; you can mount your phone where it is suitable for you. Keep your maps Google maps open while keep the engine hot on the right track. It is a very useful car gadget and can save you from accidents.

Bluetooth Car Kit

It doesn’t matter if your drive an old model car, you can still have the leisure to connect your smartphone with your vehicle. Bluetooth car kit can be attached to any model, be it a 2000 model or a 2017, it will work without any disturbance. You can make calls and enjoy music while driving, plug in hands free if you want to answer a private call.

USB Car Charger

A dead smartphone is the last thing you want while traveling. There might be important calls that you need to answer or if there is an emergency on the road and the phone is dead, what would you do? The solution to this problem is placing a USB charger in your car. You can attach the USB charger with your car and give life to your phone once again. There is a variety of chargers available with quality and price difference. The best quality charger that is most considered is the Maxboost USB charger. it casts around $8.99 and provides efficient charging to your phone.

GPS Tracker

While you are on a road trip, you should have knowledge about the road you are on like where will the road take you and if you are going at a particular destination, are you on track? A GPS tracker is necessary. You can connect it with your phone to let you know the location of your vehicle at all times. It is mostly used by parent to keep a track of where their kids are going. These days the most used tracker is the Spy Tec Portable GPS tracker. It allows you to set up a geo-fence and notifies you via email or text if your car goes out of the pre-determined boundaries.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are an interesting features added to car these days. It is a protection for the drivers plus the people standing close to the car. The feature is basically just a light built into the side view mirror that flashes when someone is in your blind spot. It works with almost all the vehicles but if you hold a 90s model, you can get the same function by just adding blind spot mirrors.

You should add these amazing and affordable gadgets to your cars to avoid any accidents. They are useful for you and will keep you and others safe.