Stepping Into Career World? Things You Need To Have In Your Closet For Work

So, you have decided to work? You must be getting interview calls from companies, but as a young professional you probably don`t have too many work-friendly clothes yet. As you might have heard, first impression is the last impression.

Having a professional appearance matters, so you need to be looking your best at all time. Here are some items every career oriented girl should have in their closet, make sure to have them the next time you hit the stores.


The first thing on the list is a blazer. Blazers nowadays are widely used as they can transform an outfit from casual to professional instantly. It can be worn on many different things including dresses, blouses, or tops, which will give you a classic professional look. If you are late for work, you can always wear a blazer on any clothing and look professional.

Fitted Suit

Fitted suits are next on our list. It is a must have for all the girls who are working or planning to work. You see wearing a fitted suit will always portray you as a business woman. Plus there are colors that one must choose on their first buy. According to a research colors like black, grey or blue inspire confidence and you should be full of confidence while going for an interview.


When you are heading towards professional life, there must be a good and sensible pair of shoes in your closet that goes with almost any outfit. Competition is very tough at work, not just work related but fashion is to be considered as well. Professional life means you have to attend meetings, meet representatives and so on and to impress them you must shine through your work clothes.

Versatile Dress

Dresses are a great addition to any career girl`s closet. While shopping a dress for work, try to think of three different outfits you can design around it. This is called versatility. There are some things that you should keep in mind while selecting a dress. Think of ways you can use the selected dress, how can you rotate the dress?  A dress that you can combine with different things like a scarf, or you can wear a blazer with the dress. Think that way while selecting a dress.

Comfortable Slacks

A comfortable pair of slack always looks good on career oriented girls. While buying a pair you must make sure that it fits correctly. Loose slacks can be just as bad as tight ones. Slack makes you look professional but it should fit you properly. Waist and length should be appropriate for better looks. An advice for you regarding length, if the bottom of your pants has two or more folds when you have shoes on, they are too long. And if your ankles are showing, they are too short.

Multiple Blouses

Decide a day for shopping clothes for work. You can surf the internet for cheap and quality clothes. The best thing to invest on and is a part of our list are blouses. You can buy multiple blouses at a very decent price through the web. Blouses are work friendly clothing plus can be worn making different combinations, like you can select a tailored pant or can wear a coat or blazer over it. Select basic colors that are suitable for work such as white, blue or black. Girls should have a good stock of blouses in their closet.

Warm Coat/ Rain Jacket

One of the most important pieces of cloth that career making girls should have in their closet is coats or jackets. Winter is almost here and you will need a coat to cover you up to make you feel cozy. Buy a professional looking coat is a must. Once it gets chilly and wet, it doesn’t matter how professional you look it is hidden under your jacket or coat. Be prepared for whatever the weather can bring. Get a sleek rain coat or a cute pea coat that can be worn at work. These items could be a little costly.

These are some items that career girls need to act and look more professional.