Prostate Cancer: Signs Not To Ignore

Everyday there is a new person consulting doctors regarding cancer. The disease that was uncommon back in early 90s has gain sudden popularity and is one of the most painful and devastating diseases.  There are many types and stages of cancer. Things that are consumed or some of the habits that people don’t plan on quitting lead them to this disease. Smoking and drinking are regular habits and are causes of cancers of parts of the body like throat, lungs, mouth and many more.

Prostate cancer is now one of the most diagnosed cancers in United States. According to a research, one in a nine men in US will suffer from prostate cancer at some point of their lives. With time the death casualties have increased which is due to prostate cancer. This disease affects male prostate gland, which gets disturbing with time if not treated sooner. Here are some signs of prostate cancer that are easy to miss.

Urine Stream Gets Weaker

Your urine stream is the first sign you should keep a check on. According to cancer treatment centers, the most common symptom of prostate cancer is decrease in the flow or velocity of urine which can be caused by a tumor pressing on the urethra. While urinating, if you feel that there is something different about the flow you should not ignore it. However, for satisfaction you can keep a check on the urine flow and if the flow continues to decrease than it might be alarming for you. This sign is very easy to miss and at times people just ignore it, but you should keep a check if something of that sort is experienced.

Going To The Bathroom More Than Usual At Night

The next sign that people ignore or is easy to miss of prostate cancer is going to bathroom more than usual at nights. If you feel like you are urinating more than usual, consider it as a sign because increased urination is one of the symptoms of prostate cancer. Prostatitis or bening prostatic hypertrophy can be one of the causes of increasing urination. You should consult a doctor if this continues for more than two days and get things checked to avoid further damage.

Swollen Feet Or Legs

People who have a habit of long distance walking can have swollen feet or legs, but if that’s not the case with you and you still feel that your legs or feet have swollen than you must pay a visit to your doctor. There can be many causes like there might be a broken bone or you could have been bitten by any insect, but it is also one of the signs of prostate cancer. If the feet or leg has swollen without you getting noticed, don’t try your experiments on that. There is a very bad habit of some people; they think that they can cure themselves from any diseases or pain by getting medicines from pharmacy and not consulting a doctor. Using gels on the swelling might help you get rid of it but there can be a chance of prostate cancer which you are unaware of.

Constipation Is One Of Them

Constipation is a common problem and people think that it has happened because of eating too much and which has affected digestive system. Yes, it might be true but not in all cases. If you find yourself repeatedly constipated for no reason, you must pay a visit to your doctor. According to studies, constipation is related to prostate cancer which is caused due to pressure or pain in the rectum. If you suffer from constipation repeatedly without any reason, go to a doctor as soon as possible.

Having Sore Lower Back

You know the fitness trend these days; every other guy is seen working out in the gym for toned body. The next sign of prostate cancer can be missed easily if you work out on daily basis. The sign is that you get sore lower back. Many people think that they overdid at the gym while some believe that they slept poorly that is why they have sore lower back. According to authorities, pain and stiffness in lower back is actually one symptom of prostate cancer. You should not ignore it and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Prostate cancer can be treated in early stages and if you ever in life feel any of these signs, don’t ignore them and rush to a doctor for consultation.