Clothing Items That Are A Must Have For Guys

For all the talk about buying less but buying better and building up a closet of men’s wear essential, it can be hard to boil any wardrobe to the basic pieces any guy can throw on and look great in. a guide of clothes that, especially for dudes who have no idea where to start, will provide the foundation for a closet of classics.

You should have a clear idea of your size and style when going out for shopping but there are few clothes that every guy must own.

Oxford Shirts

First thing that every guy should own is an oxford shirt. The button downs always work, you can wear them to work or party, it can be worn anywhere. Wear them tucked or un-tucked and just about everything. It can be worn the whole year, be it summers or winters every season it suits with every season. You can cover it with a nice hoodie and sweater looks elegant, for professional looks you can wear a coat on top of the oxford shirt.

Non- Black Suit

Black suits aren’t as versatile as a navy charcoal gray suit. Grey is suitable for many occasions like job interviews, weddings, and even funerals, it can be worn at any event. Pairing a grey suit with a white shirt always looks classy, classier than a black suit. Every guy must have a grey suit in their closet, so that if you are confused with the dressing, take out the grey suit and wear it where ever you want to. You can use discount coupons to buy a suit at a comparatively low price.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been in trend for ages and will always be in trend and every guy must have a denim jacket in the wardrobe.  While they make for a rugged, versatile jacket for the warmer months, denim jackets are underrated winter layer too. Dress it up with a jeans and a t-shirt and you will look amazing.


It doesn’t matter how good your footwear collection is, if you don’t have a pair of brogues, your collection is incomplete. Part formal, part casual, they are dressy enough to make people think you are important. They work with suits and jeans and look good and work well. They are expensive, but it’s a one-time investment. You can get re soled and refurbished for years to come. Furthermore you can use discount coupons for further discounts.

Pea Coat

Pea coat is a traditional coat used for centuries. It is always in trend and more than adequate for your winter needs. It gives you more classy looks and can be worn to the office and many other occasions. It is perfect for winters as it is longer in size and covers most part of your body. If you don’t have this unique piece in your closet,


Chinos are somewhere between jeans and trousers. They come in khaki, but that’s just one of the many colors you can cop these comfortable pants in. wear it with pretty much with everything and anywhere, from office to parties it can be worn anywhere and can be paired with t-shirts, button downs, sweaters and hoodies. Everything will work with a chino.

Leather Jacket

The next thing that guys should own is a leather jacket. A leather jacket is a signifier of a man who knows what`s up. There is a variety of designs available, from motor cycle jackets to sleek looking bombers. It should fit you right and it reflects your personality. If you’ve got a rebellious edge, definitely opt for a moto jacket, however

If you are in a hurry and can’t decide what to wear, these things can be used as you can create combinations with most things and still look amazing.