Acts That Are Annoying For Flight Attendants

Most people like me travel a lot, it is a part of our job and we have to travel whole year to various destinations for company`s purpose. You see while travelling I have seen how people use the facilities and all provided by the air company. It feels that they are utilizing the most of the stuff as they have paid for it. You are not at your most comfort at 3200 feet. But, that doesn’t mean that you keep your senses out of the cabin door. I have seen a lot of people arguing for things with the flight attendants. They are also humans and I know that they are there to help you but, it doesn’t mean that you start misbehaving with them. Today I will tell you some common acts that people do while travelling which is very annoying for the flight attendants.

 Asking For Water Soon After Stepping On Board

Flight attendants are very busy, especially when people are boarding. If you are the type of person who likes to hydrate or typically feels parched before takeoff, you ask the flight attendant to give you a glass of water. It is very annoying for them, there are a lot of stuff that they have to cater to like their might be people who need some serious help regarding seats and catering to children. Asking for water soon after seating yourself is very annoying. Rather than disturbing them you should find a way out yourself. There is super-sized smart water available at the gate, which is enough to get you going the whole day.

 Requiring Help To Stow Your Bag

Flight attendants are there to make your air travel as smooth as possible, but the air company hasn’t hired them to lift your heavy bag and keep it in the compartment above your seat. You are suggested to not to carry more weight in your hand carry. You only need to keep stuff that you have to use on regular basis. You should check the things that you are keeping in your hand carry before packing so that the weight is not more and you need to call a flight attendant to help you keep your bag in the compartment. If you can’t lift it or require special assistance ask your seatmate to help you rather than calling the flight attendant who are busy in reviewing air safety information.

Bathroom Runs Around The Location Of The Snack Cart

Most airlines provide good quality and delicious food. Just after 25 minutes of takeoff a bell rings and the flight attendant announces that the snack cart will be circulating around so grab what you need. If you plan to pee before drinking the delicious anxiety-calming wine or the diet coke, plan ahead. Usually they start the wheels for the front so choose the bathroom farthest from the cart that is the rare part of the plane. This way you won’t disturb them nor get disturbed and be sure to make it quick, come back before the cart reaches your seat otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the luxurious wine they are offering.

Taking Your Pet Out Of The Approved Carrier Cage

The next thing that annoys the flight attendant is when people remove their pet from the cage. It is against aviation rules to remove your pet from the carrier. You are advised to purchase a carrier that is suitable for them, like they fit in properly, and gives your pet enough room to stand up or lie down. Many people ignore this as soon as they get on board. Your unpacking can cause trouble for the attendants like say if the pet gets sick due to jetlag and vomits on the plane or if you have a pet that is smaller in size can roam in around in the plane, disturbing all the other passengers. Flight attendants are answerable to the heads of the air company and it could cause them their job. If you want to feed your pet, try doing it a more legal way. Slightly unzip the carrier and comfort them or feed them is a much more legal way.

Complaining About a Delay

You might think that flight attendants have control over a delayed takeoff. No, they don’t. There are a lot of possibilities that could cause a delay of flight like weather. You can heck weather conditions on your phone if you are eager to find out if weather is the cause of delay. Flight attendants are not responsible for telling you what the cause of delay is. They are there to help you and make your travelling more comfortable. It’s better to take the matter with the head of the airline.

Ignoring The ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ Sign

You have the right to move around the plane as you have paid for it. but, there are times when you are asked to sit on your seat and fasten your seatbelt. It is not necessary that you have to fasten your belt while take off, there could be emergencies like a crash emergency or due to certain changes of weather. If the crew on board turns on the fasten seat belt sign you have to sit on your seat and fasten the belt. Many people don’t follow the rules and decide to stay on the floor. It is very annoying for the attendants, they are telling you all the things for your safety and you don’t follow the instructions. You decide the safety advice doesn’t apply to you; you forfeit all grounds for a complaint or lawsuit if you get injured.

These were some of the things that most of us do while travelling and that are way too annoying for the flight attendants. Try not to practice them while travelling as they can cause trouble and you can get involved in an argument.