9 Bad Skin Habits You Should Avoid Doing

The consequences of bad skin habits can range from mild irritation to increased risk of skin cancer. If you think that your skin is not clear you should consult a dermatologist rather than doing your treatment yourself. Today you will be told about very common bad skin habits which you should change to avoid the possible diseases.


Smoking is dangerous for health. According to census people suffer through lung and heart diseases due to smoking and end up dying. Smoking not only affects the inner part of a body but it is also affecting your skin. It causes premature aging of the skin, makes sun damage worse and makes precancerous lesions worse. Furthermore it increases skin cancer and adds a yellowish discoloration to the skin. Breaking this bad skin habit is the hardest but to avoid the stated issues you have to put in effort and quit smoking. There are smoking cessation plans which help you quit this bad habit.

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep is bad for your skin. It damages your skin and cause you look worse. The effects are prominent on your face like wrinkles and dark circle. You should avoid this bad habit and take a good sleep of 8 hours per day otherwise you will look older than your age which is not a good thing.

Picking And Scratching

You practice this habit due to many reasons which include stress, insect biting, and rashes. When you scratch your skin an itch-scratch cycle starts.  A sensation starts with the enlargement of the nerves causing itching even though there is nothing to cause that itch. You can suffer from mental illness and neurological damage if you keep on practicing this habit. Try not to do so and get help from the consulting doctor to avoid this habit.

Not Removing Your Makeup

People forget to remove make up and remain in same condition for more than a day. This habit is very dangerous for skin. You should cleanse your skin otherwise a layer of dirt will form. Use the skincare products to protect your skin from skin damaging makeup and make a habit of cleansing if you apply makeup.

Skipping Sunscreen

Too much exposure to sun is not good for your skin. It is one of the main reasons why people face problems such as skin cancer. Avoid the habit by using skin protecting products to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Apply sun protection factor of 30 or higher and avoid spending longer periods under the sun. Whenever you plan to stay long under sun must use the protection otherwise you will suffer with skin cancer.

Over Exfoliating

You will find magazines and products promoting exfoliates and telling you the benefits. However according to a research the exfoliates cause skin problems such as irritation, red skin and dryness as new skin turns over after every six week and continuous usage of exfoliates can cause the above stated problems. Try not to use it on daily basis however you can use it once after two weeks if your skin is oily.

Using Wrong Skin Products

Trying different skincare products is not good for your skin. Before applying any product on your face you should consult a dermatologist. He will guide you better catering to the type of skin you have. Testing different products without consulting can cause irritation, dryness, tingling and itching which are signs that the products are not suiting your skin. Avoid the habit and consult a dermatologist before applying any product.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Do you clean your makeup brushes or and sponges? You should clean it every time before applying makeup on your face or any part of the body. There is a chance that bacteria can attack your skin if there are cracks on it causing infections and you should avoid sharing brushes because there is a chance that you can get infected by the bacteria already infecting your friend.

Pressing Phone Against Your Cheek

Your phones do carry bacteria and similarly cracks in your skin can get infected by the bacteria on your phone. Other than this pressing phone against your cheeks can cause breakouts. Clean your phone before using it. If you use hands free or had set try not to do so as it is still harming you. Use speaker to avoid bacteria contacting your skin.

These were some of the habits that are dangerous for your skin and you should practice not to continue such habits as they could be life taking.