7 Beauty Mistakes French Women Never Make

Why do all the women in France have such a great personality? They are born with a bright complexion? What is the secret of this dazzling beauty? French women have a certain sense of style. The reason behind French women look so damn flawless all the time is less about what they do and more about all the things they don’t do. Providing you a list of beauty mistakes French women never make which makes them look adorable.

Lipstick On Your Teeth

Many women actually don’t know how to apply lipstick. Some make it out of the lips and others apply it on their teeth however, you won`t find such mistakes as they have proper techniques to apply a lipstick. They love to live in red as it is considered as a symbol of love and France is all about being romantic. The trick French women use to apply a lipstick is that they place the index finger in between the lips, and then pucker to blot off excess.

Don’t Wear The Wrong Foundation Shade

French women prefer a dewy, natural looking complexion rather than piling on a thick layer of foundation which shows just how different the makeup is from the color of the neck. Women don’t realize this; they only consider whitening their face however they are trapped by the variation in face color and neck color. French women are clever and love their natural color.

Don’t Go Overboard With The Contouring


You`ll never find a French women with nose or cheekbones contoured to perfection that shine like the sun. They know how to work with the things that they have access to and instead of using highlighters to highlight their assets they prefer doing them natural way. They use face oil on the high points to give a look that shows they were born with the attributes.

Don’t Go To Sleep With Makeup On

They take good care of their skin and avoid doing all such things which can harm them. Keeping your makeup on, while sleeping is not a good habit. It causes diseases which can lead to a complete destruction of your skin. French women remove the little makeup they apply before going to bed.

Don’t Fry Your Hair

Applying too many styles to your hairs can damage them. You need dryers and straighteners for styling which can lead your hair to death. Embrace your natural texture; apply hair oil to settle the frizz and natural curls. Your natural look is the most impressive so avoid going for different styles because one day you won’t be able to style them as they would be dead.

Don’t Wear A Chipped Mani

You will never see a French girl with chipped nails. You should never take shortcuts when giving yourself a mani. Always apply a base coat before applying a top coat to seal.  It will make sure that your polish and shine stays for longer period of time.

These were some of the things French women are best at. They are the creators of makeup and you cant compare yourself with them. I hope you will consider the above stated mistakes and improve on your makeup skills.